Requirements for articles

Scientific articles not previously published in print or electronic media are accepted for publication.

The content of the research article must be relevant to the subject matter of the journal.

Postgraduate and Ph.D. students, master’s students and undergraduate students are only considered if they have a recommendation from their supervisor.

Articles should be submitted in Russian or English electronically in .doc, .docx format by e-mail:

The article should have the following obligatory structure:

·         UDC code;

·         the surname, first name, patronymic of the author(s) in Russian and English;

·         the title of the article in Russian and English;

·         an abstract about the relevance and novelty of the topic of the article, the main substantive aspects (120 – 180 words) in Russian and English;

·         key words on the content of the article (8-10 words or word combinations) in Russian and English. Each key word or phrase is separated from the other by a comma;

·         the text of the article, which includes an introduction, the main body of the article, a conclusion and a list of references in Russian and English.

A template for a research paper can be downloaded here

It is compulsory to have an expert opinion on the possibility of publication.

The title of the article should clearly reflect its content, be informative and not include untranslatable slang known only to Russian-speaking specialists.

There should be no transliterations from Russian in the English translation of the article title, except for non-translatable names of proper names and other objects.

The author’s abstract is intended to act as a source of information independent of the article.

The abstract is an accurate summary of the content of the article, including the main factual information and conclusions, without further interpretation or criticism of the author of the article. The abstract should not contain information that is not in the article. The inclusion of schemes, tables, graphs and figures in the abstract is not allowed.

The abstract should be informative (no general words), original and informative (reflecting the main content of the article and the results of the research).

Key words or phrases are text labels that represent the content of an article, by which the article can be found in a search and identify the subject area of the text. Therefore, when selecting keywords or phrases, the main terms used in the article should be listed.

The manuscripts received are subjected to compulsory blind peer review. The decision to publish is made by the editorial board of the journal on the basis of:

·         a positive review;

·         the scientific journal’s thematic focus of the submissions;

·         scientific significance, relevance.

A manuscript that receives negative feedback is rejected and not returned.

The article in need of revision is sent to the author together with the reviewer’s comments. The author should take into account all the comments and make changes, indicating the place, in the electronic version of the text, after which the article is returned to the editorial board, where it is re-reviewed. In case of disagreement with the reviewer, the author should briefly and clearly justify his/her position.

The editorial board reserves the right to reject articles that do not fit the magazine’s profile or that do not meet the requirements without a substantive examination.

The Editorial Board informs the authors of the reasons that prevented the decision to publish submitted manuscripts.

The authors of published articles are responsible for the accuracy of the facts, statistics, names and other information and for the content of material that is not made public.

By submitting a manuscript of his article to the editorial board, the author(s) undertakes not to publish it, in whole or in part, in any other publication without the consent of the editorial board.

Published articles as well as information about the authors in Russian and English are freely available online on the Scientific Electronic Library platform – eLIBRARY.RU.

All articles are checked by Anti-Plagiarism to ensure that they have not been borrowed incorrectly.